PARKINSON & SPORT: today is born the association for those who does not want to stop.

Today is a day to remember. In Bergamo, the office of the notary (and triathlete) Francesco Boni, and in the presence of the founder members, Parkinson & Sports, has become reality.

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So thanks to my wife Carolina Barbò, my daughter Benedicta, the accountants and friends Piero and Giovanni Gozzini Ghidelli, the apologies that will be built at the first meeting, my brother Angelo and my left arm Marco Lorenzi.

We do not want to be another association that deals with the problems related to treatment, care or the rights of parkinsonian patients. There are already more than twenty great that with good will do everything in their power, in spite of the laws and the Italian bureaucracy, to give support to those who suffer every day and fights his own battle. In our gazebo during sporting events we are attending, there will always be a space available associations to publicize their activities and disseminate valuable information to patients and people close to them, the caregiver.

The association Parkinson & Sport will allow us to support the project started in January – as explained in  MY APPROACH  in this blog menu – and to testify in any event we are attending the therapeutic importance of sport had movement, functional and psychological. It will also be an operational tool through which we can collect donations, entertain business relationship with sponsors and supporters, philanthropic or promotional purposes.

We are also committed to raise awareness and support, whenever possible, similar initiatives to mine. We will gather in the blog, in a new book, which will be called  Dopamine Hero , the stories of patients engaged in particular sports challenges, athletic or not, subjecting in preparing their bodies to intense efforts.

We will participate as Parkinson & Sport , and I want to invite you all to participate, along with many other friends, the important meeting to be held in Rome on 1 and 2 December, sponsored by Limpe-Dismov Association:  Parkinson Body and Soul

In the coming days we will publish the pictures of our new technical running shirt with the logo of the association and motivational phrase, that’ll give the time of the annual membership that provides for the contribution of 30 Euros.

The more we are, the harder it is to stop.

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