Sunday 11 April 2021 World Parkinson Day Movement to the cure.

A motto that sums up a strong desire for change. We will listen: Prof. Antonio Pisani from Italy, Prof. Bastian Bloem from Holland, Prof. Michael Okun from the United States, Avv. Paolo Fresco and many other guests who will tell us theirs on the need to look at Parkinson’s from a new and unprecedented point of view:  living the disease as a challenge , as a personal and collective path to be faced with  team spirit  and with an active approach. . The goal is to look for the tools to improve the quality of life of patients and their caregivers more and more and prepare them in the best possible way for new therapeutic perspectives. 

The first step is to unhinge a cliché. Parkinson’s is not a disease of senility, it is estimated that in Italy about 400 thousand people suffer from it, including many young people. It is to them that we ask to go out,  to look out into life  and to follow us.  The road to cure awaits us.

World Parkinson Day – Parkinsonauts, movement to the cure.

With the patronage of:  Ministry of Disabilities, EPDA European Parkinson’s Disease Association, Fresco Parkinson Institute Italia Onlus Foundation, Parkinson Italia Onlus Confederation ,  Mondino Foundation National Neurological Institute IRCCS .

Sunday 11 April 2021 10 am – 1 pm and in reruns 10 pm-01, on channel 810 of the Sky bouquet and satellite TV throughout Europe.

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Simultaneous translation  Ita-Eng-Ita . Leads in the studio:  Francesca Mori

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In the two hours conducted by:  Francesca Mori  and  Stefano Ghidotti,  founder and president of  Parkinson & Sport,  with simultaneous translation Ita – Eng – Ita, thanks to the testimonies offered by the interventions of guests connected from Italy and the world.

Discover here all the guests and the program of the Event, with them we will also discuss:

Juvenile Parkinson’s

Having encountered the disease in this period of their life, in which work, social relationships,  the creation of a family and children  are central. These phases confront patients with a series of questions and problems that reflect on their  condition as a patient that will continue over time . A very long time, in which we have understood that we can exercise our  positive support,  involving them in  sports and social sharing activities,  which we propose as associations, will be with us the Parkinsonauts Daniele Bortoli and Carlo Negri.

The choice to  aggregate friends through sport  also arises in relation to this purpose. Create a  community of reference  for young people that allows them to interact and  socialize with their peers.  The aim is to generate  new shared goals , also aimed at shifting attention from the disease towards  new projects and hopes,  which will help them  overcome fears and difficulties.

A new image of Parkinson’s

The power of images is, in  the age of social media and technology,  a very  powerful resource  that we can use in our favor to generate, in people’s imagination, a  new figure  that lights up in the mind when Parkinson’s disease is mentioned. 

A young person, who plays  sports and lives with joy  all the moments of his life  despite the illness. Who moves  confidently towards his future, striving to keep his body at its best, through a  healthy and vital lifestyle,  aware that this will allow him to enjoy the benefits of the treatment as soon as it is available.

We will present projects in progress and those of the future.

Parkinsonauti Team

Parkinson’s is not a genetic trademark . Parkinson’s is a planet. And the Parkinsonauta is the one who explores it with curiosity to discover its darkest and most remote corners and find its beauties , its luminous landscapes.

Parkinsonauti Team is the new Parkinson & Sport project: a multisport team – cycling, running and swimming – that will be able to compete at a competitive level in the long distance cycling races, running races, swimming, triathlon and paratriathlon.

The idea is to reaffirm its commitment to promoting sport as a natural therapy and as a strong element of sharing. This is the main mission of the Parkinson & Sport association, which in the last three years has led its athletes to participate in important events: the New York marathon, the 12 Hours Cycling Marathon of Monza, the swimming crossing of Lake Iseo and of the Strait of Messina.

Parkinson Games 2022/2023

In 2022 the Parkinsonauti Team will represent our country at the Parkinson Games in Eindhoven, The  Netherlands, an event that brings together athletes with Parkinson’s from all over Europe in a great moment of sport and aggregation. In recent months Parkinson & Sport and the Parkinson Associations Committee have been working with a network of international partners to make a dream come true: to bring the 2023 edition of the event to Italy.

The agreement with Fitri.

Thanks to the collaboration of Fitri (Italian Triathlon Federation) , the Parkinsonauti Team is working to acquire the specific category to participate in the paratriahtlon competitions and thus be able to access the championships, in Italy and abroad. 

Bike riding for Parkinson Italy 2021

In the “Bike Riding for Parkinson Italy 2020 ” ten Parkinsonauts left, by bicycle, from Pavia to reach St. Peter’s Square and arrive on time for the appointment with Pope Francis. An 800 km journey in 17 stages – told in a docufilm that will be aired, as a world premiere, during the broadcast  – along the Via Francigena, to demonstrate once again the strength of sport in countering the advance of the disease.

Bike Riding for Parkinson Italy also returns in 2021 with a new itinerary: this time on the Vento track  , the cycle route that connects Turin to Venice , and with a team of Parkinsonauts that has more than doubled, we will be 25.

During the Event, also thanks to your donation , we will raise funds for:

The Alinker, to move at smile level.

From today until April 18 , the donations we will receive on this site  will be used for the purchase of an  Alinker  that we will make available to a Parkinson’s patient who needs it. It will be a surprise that we will reveal to you and to him / her too, on Sunday 11 April.

The Alinker is the revolutionary walking bike to improve the quality of life of those with mobility difficulties and overcome prejudices about disability

Alinker is a walking bike  without pedals , a three-wheel ” walking bike ” designed for all those who want to stay active, continue to have a  social life , do what they love and live to the fullest of their possibilities,  moving at a smile. .

For information visit the website  and the social networks Facebook and Instagram @the_alinker_italia

We are working to prepare other fun surprises for a totally new and different “World Parkinson’s Day” .

We are waiting for you, make yourself comfortable, but not too much, as always be ready to move, because our motto is “YOU WILL NOT STOP!”