The answers we all await are here.

In the videos taken from the World Parkinson Day 2021. In the interesting interviews we find confirmations, news and hopes, an open window on our future.

On April 11,  the world has celebrated the  World Parkinson’s Day.  The association  Parkinson & Sport  and the  Italian Committee Associations Parkinson  joined forces for  Movement to the Cure , an event designed to enrich  visions and innovative horizons  international debate on Parkinson’s, on the  tools to deal with it and on the possibilities of treatment. 

The event took place on two macro-themes  that acted as a leitmotif in the two hours of live broadcast hosted by  Well TV , conducted by Francesca Mori and  myself , with simultaneous translation Ita-Eng-Ita – and enriched by the testimonies offered by the interventions of guests in the studio and connected from around the world.

The program of the event and the guests are here

L o sport to overcome the limit.

The  sports  and  physical activity  play an important role in  contrast to the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease  improves  body balance , the  flexibility and ease of movements,  but mainly bring obvious benefits to the mind,  increasing self-awareness  and their abilities, reducing stress and  stimulating a good mood.

Doing sports stimulates us to  measure ourselves with ourselves and with our limits.  For those who have to deal with Parkinson’s every day  , sport is a faithful ally to slow down the course of the disease . On these issues we listened to doctors, presidents of associations and sportsmen who, with their interventions, gave interesting indications and recounted experiences that opened a window on the future.

The digital opportunity

This year, marked by the  drama of the pandemic , is teaching us to react, to find quick and easy ways to stay close. The period we are going through is accustoming people, even the less experienced,  to the use of telematic and online tools . What at first appeared, especially  for the elderly,  as a discomfort, an obstacle, a problem has now turned into the opportunity to communicate with extreme ease, in any place and at any time.

One month after the event we unpacked all the interventions to facilitate listening. When you listen to all the guest interventions separately, you will notice that there are the answers to the questions that we ask ourselves every day, that we look for on the web from sources that we often don’t even know .

Questions like :

  • What are the causes of Parkinson ‘s disease?
  • What can we do to minimize the progression of symptoms?
  • Where are we with research?
  • Will we have the cure , when?
  • How do the associations operate and what do they propose ?
  • What can we do to help them in their actions?
  • How can the technological tools available to us help us?
  • When it comes to the familiarity of Parkinson’s disease , what is meant?
  • How can physical activity and sport help us?

Guests of the “Science and Research” area:

Prof. Antonio Pisani – Italy

His speech talks about juvenile Parkinson’s, new scientific discoveries, hopes, which are increasingly real, of having a cure in a short time. He tells us about his work at the Casimiro Mondino Neurological Institute in Pavia, a health facility specialized in the assistance and rehabilitation of Parkinson’s patients, where together with a team of professionals he opened a clinic dedicated to young patients.

Prof. Bastiaan Bloem – Holland

In his speech, prof. Bloem, focuses on three fundamental points concerning the importance of physical activity to slow down the onset of Parkinson’s symptoms. It clearly defines the quantity and quality of this physical exercise to obtain evident and lasting benefits, both physically and cognitively.

Prof. Michael Okun – United States

In his speech, Prof. Okun focuses on the 4 points of PACT (Prevent – Support the cause – Take care – Develop new treatments) to improve and make the battle against Parkinson’s disease more efficient. It tells us about new scientific certainties regarding the causes of the onset of the disease and what we can do immediately to reverse the course. He urges us to unite and all become activists by uniting for one goal, to create a strong and invincible army.

Dr. Giulio Deangeli – Italy

Dr. Giulio Deangeli, who in 2020 achieved a world record obtaining 4 degrees in 4 months, tells us how he did it, and why he chose Parkinson’s research as his professional field of action.

Ruud Overes, founder and president of Parkinson2beat

In his speech, the founder and president of the Dutch association Parkinson2beat, the country from which Ruud Overes a friend of the Parkinsonaut speaks, tells us about how he copes with the disease. He shows us the surprising results of an important scientific test carried out on him before and after a bicycle trip across Europe.

Guests of the “Associative Life” area:

Founder of the Fresco Parkinson Institute Foundation, Avv. Paolo Fresco – Italy

In his exciting and amazing story, the lawyer. Paolo Fresco, founder of the Fresco Parkinson Institute Foundation, tells us about his love story and life in the company of his beloved Marlene, his wife, struck by parkinsonism in the last years of his life, to which he is still dedicating all the its energies.

President of the Italian Parkinson Committee, Giulio Maldacea. .- Italy

In his speech, the president of the Italian Parkinson Associations Committee, Giulio Maldacea, tells us how WIKIPARKY TV was born during the lockdown. The telemedicine portal of the Italian Parkinson’s Committee, which has made it possible to reach and support directly in their homes, thousands of families with Parkinson’s, who have found themselves abandoned in time of need, with online lessons in physiotherapy, speech therapy, nutrition, shiatsu, coaching, cantotherapy etc.

President of Parkinson Italy Giangi Milesi – Italy

The president of Parkinson Italia, Giangi Milesi, talks to us about the “Don’t call me disease” campaign and the importance of being able to involve young patients in association activities. Finally, remember the importance of World Parkinson’s Day.

Director of the Fresco Parkinson Foundation, Dr. Daniele Volpe. – Italy

In his speech, Physiatrist Dr. Daniele Volpe, director of the Fresco Parkinson Foundation and of the Villa S.Margherita clinic in Vicenza, tells us about the foundation’s activities in Italy and in the United States, emphasizing the importance of working together to achieve common goals.

Guests of the “Sport and movement” area

Colonel Carlo Calcagni – Italy

Never give up. It is the life philosophy of Colonel Carlo Calcagni. The medals he wears on his chest are enough to explain the military’s past: international missions in Turkey, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Always on the pitch, for better or for worse. In 2002 he was diagnosed with various pathologies, including some parkinsonisms, and three years after confirmation: illnesses dependent on the cause of service. Always a sportsman, Il Colonel is now the Paralympic World Champion

Fitri, Italian Triathlon Federation, Avv. Neil Mac Leod – Italy

In his speech, Avv. Neil tells us about the project he is following for us, which will allow us to obtain the classification to be able to participate in the Paratriathlon competitions and be classified as parathletes, the first step towards the Paralympics.

The Alinker, Carlo Pittis – Italy

In his speech, Carlo Pittis tells us how “The Alinker” allows him to overcome the difficulties he encountered in his challenge to a disease which, until he discovered this conceptually innovative aid to movement, no longer allowed him to walk independently. Carlo is the Italian importer of “The Alinker” that thanks to your generous donations, we have made available to Katia Bessi, a Parkinson’s patient with significant mobility difficulties.

I want to thank the friends who collaborated in the realization and success of the event: Massimo Plebani and the collaborators of MYM Group, Ignazio Baresi and all the staff of Well TV, Francesca Mori, Maurilio Brini, Barbara Sorrentino, Alessandro Carboni, Silvia Brigoli , Giulio Maldacea, Daniele Bortoli, Carlo Negri.

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