World Parkinson Day Italy.

An idea that comes from far away, from his friend Giulio Maldacea , president of the Italian Committee for Parkinson’s Associations. And it was born after the success of two initiatives born from the associations that we preside: the “Bike riding for Parkinson Italy 2020 ” a fantastic cycling adventure last September that brought 10 Parkinsonauts from Pavia to Rome and Wikiparky.TV the telemedicine platform born during the lockdown, which made it possible to reach and help thousands of families with Parkinson’s in their homes . Speaking with Giulio we understood that involving young patients in new activities , widening collaborations and boundariesgives excellent results so we have established the objectives to work on from there on.

Thus was born the idea of ​​organizing the Italian edition of World Parkinson Day , the world day of Parkinson’s, promoted all over the world. In this historical moment that sees the whole world fighting a single great enemy, it can be a good opportunity to join forces and broaden the range of action, starting new collaborations and international projects, aware of being at the dawn of great changes.

World Parkinson’s Day is celebrated on April 11th.  The Parkinson & Sport association   and the  Italian Committee of Parkinson’s Associations  join forces for  Movement to the Cure , an event designed to enrich  the international debate on Parkinson’s, on the  tools to deal with it and on the possibilities of treatment, with  innovative visions and horizons 

Sport and communication

These are the two themes  that will be the leitmotif in the two hours of live broadcast hosted by  Well TV  (channel 231 of digital terrestrial 810 satellite throughout Europe) – and live streaming on the digital platforms of the two associations – conducted by  me together with Francesca Mori ,  with simultaneous translation by   Manola Savoldi  – and enriched by the testimonies offered by the interventions of the guests in the studio and connected from the world.

Sport to push the limits

The  sports  and  physical activity  play an important role in  contrast to the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease  improves  body balance , the  flexibility and ease of movements,  but mainly bring obvious benefits to the mind,  increasing self-awareness  and their abilities, reducing stress and  stimulating a good mood.

Playing sports stimulates us to  measure ourselves with ourselves and with our limits.  For those who have to deal with Parkinson’s every day,  motor activity is a faithful ally to slow down the course of the disease . We will talk about it with neurologists, researchers, physiatrists and sportsmen who will cross experiences and opinions in the first part of the transmission. In the continuation of the broadcast, the projects that Parkinson & Sport and the Italian Parkinson Associations Committee have planned for the next two years will be presented.

Digital communication as an opportunity

This pandemic year is teaching us to react, to find quick and easy ways to stay close. Everyone, even the less experienced, has become accustomed to the use of telematic and online tools . What at first appeared, especially  for the elderly,  as a problem has now been transformed into the opportunity to communicate with extreme ease, in any place and at any time.

The second part of Movement to the cure will focus on these aspects, highlighting the  potential of digital  and the possibilities it offers us  in the treatment  and  assistance  of Parkinson’s patients and their caregivers.

A new image of Parkinson’s

The power of images is, in  the age of social media and technology,  a very  powerful resource  that we can use in our favor to generate, in people’s imagination, a  new figure  that lights up in the mind when Parkinson’s disease is mentioned . 

A young person, who plays  sports and lives with joy  all the moments of his life  despite the illness. Who moves  confidently towards his future, striving to keep his body at its best, through a  healthy and vital lifestyle,  aware that this will allow him to enjoy the benefits of the treatment as soon as it is available.

In world premiere, the docufilm “YOU WON’T STOP US”

In the last part of the program, entirely translated simultaneously into English, we will present the docufilm made by the friends of Bike TV, during the journey through the most spectacular Italian landscapes in the world, on the Via Francigena between Lombardy, Emilia, Tuscany and Lazio. We will relive the efforts and emotions of an unforgettable experience that changed our life.

Official hashtags of the Event: # worldparkinsonday2021 #movementtothecure

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