A success of the group, born from afar.

“Bike riding for Parkinson Italy 2021” (third part)

We have prepared with attention and commitment, since February, even the smallest details. Some might seem marginal, but in the light of the facts they proved to be successful to allow us to move within the timetable and without losing anyone. If you have ever moved, by any means, in groups of more than 4 people, you already know how complex it is: here we were almost 30 with 3 vehicles in tow, camper van and car, plus 4 to 8 motorcyclists every day who escorted us. It was challenging and challenging but the collaboration that developed in the group was once again the winning weapon.

Rules and discipline

The rules that we have given ourselves, aimed at allowing a better knowledge of everyone, have been successful, new friendships were born within a few days that it will be our duty to preserve and nurture. Each night the occupants of the rooms were changed, as well as the seats at the table for lunch and dinner. We have created groups composed of 3 participants, with different knowledge and sports preparation, which allowed us to facilitate the control operations at departures, arrivals and during transfers, even on foot. The members of the groups thus composed gave each other mutual help and assistance even during the stages.

Today I can say that we did well, I want to thank everyone for respecting the group’s rules and punctuality. The conditions were born already during the preparatory meetings on zoom, when it was necessary to be firm on some points and make unpopular but necessary choices.

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The traveler’s luggage

Only on this thing we were not able to hit the target, I personally apologize to our great friends and benefactors FLAVIO AND FRANCESCO, who paid the consequences every morning and every evening, when they had to manage loading and unloading of luggage. On this aspect we will still have to work to do better next year.

I had made a promise not to admit anyone who showed up with excess baggage. If I had done it seriously, and here I also put a little desire to smile, we would have left in 5 or 6 at most. The baggage allowed was a hold trolley, as Ryanair requires, with lots of measures, plus a backpack, I stress backpack, which would have been used during bicycle journeys.

On arrival in Turin, everyone was given a bag containing two complete technical uniforms: shirt, dungarees, socks, sleeves and rain cape, as well as 2 short-sleeved polo shirts, 2 t-shirts and a sweatshirt, practically everything you need for the whole week . The only thing missing was: shoes, a pair of underwear and shorts, drugs, personal effects, a helmet and little else, even for these we had prepared a shared and approved list. I guarantee you that everything was in my trolley and in a small backpack, really for a bike. I won’t tell you the gimmicks that have been seen, 10 kg backpacks. or thereabouts, bags and purses of all kinds that poor Flavio had to take to his bed in the camper every day.

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Light and happy

Traveling light is a metaphor for life. Happiness is not contained in the objects we possess but in the space and time that remains free to fill with emotions. Traveling loaded with useless objects slows us down and does the same for those who travel with us.

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The trolley was the right one😎… 1 cyclist backpack? 🙈

Route accidents

As last year there was a few crashes, from the back of the group, where I had my privileged observation post, every now and then I glimpsed a few wheels spinning free and a pink jersey at street level. What is certain is that Roberto Russo’s funanbolic feats on a bicycle have not been repeated , who has always kept his hands firmly on the handlebars, on the other hand he has given us some bold arrival, but he is made of rubber and every time he bounces to his feet without consequences. Marco Ramelli who is now an expert biker has never seen the ice.

They made their victims without serious consequences: the tram rails in the city, the shoes with the MTB bindings that did not always work perfectly, (they will be banned from the next Bike) dirt and pebbles on the roadsides.

A supermarket van with a capital S, at a traffic light, allowed itself to throw our man of steel or rather Acciaro to the ground right in his city. Alberto got up from the ground, and after giving himself a quick check he got back on the saddle to start again, not without having heartened the boy driving who, frightened, had burst into tears.

Alberto Acciaro and Roberto Russo
Marco Ramelli

Only in the final did we have a fall that left some marks, a broken collarbone and some ribs are the report of the first aid for Parkinsonaut Dario Bravin , who reacted as a great athlete and stoically showed up the next morning, with a lot of of guardian, but in uniform to participate in the party of the arrival in Venice.

See you next year

This is also done, last year I had not written the story and I did not remember why, now I think I understand, telling a journey like ours is a writer’s job and is never finished, I worked hard on it and every time I reread it, I would change and add something. But that’s enough, I close, in recent years I have learned an important lesson, fact is better than perfect, see you next year.

It was a great adventure, a chapter in the life of each of us that this year has left a mark, the Bike changes you inside, for me it was like that.

If you want to know if it was also for others you can listen to it from their hands-free voice, during the live Interviews of “I take the levo and arrive” on Thursday evening at 9 pm, on facebook, page of Parkinson & Sport and group “Bike riding for parkinson Italy 2021 ”and on the youtube channel Parkinson & Sport.

Thanks Junior

I want to give special thanks to Junior Jay Ferreira , our friend photographer and videomaker.

Junior, collaborator of Ability Channel , through the lens of his camera, told us every day with wonderful videos that took shape in the long nights of work between one stage and another. With all the material that he has collected, living and integrating with us in a unique way every day for the whole week, something unique will be born, of which we will present a preview during the party we organized in Palazzolo sull’Oglio on Friday 6 August.

Friends, supporters and sponsors.

Once again I want to thank: members, friends, supporters and sponsors, without whom all this would not have been possible. Thanks to them, we were able to support all the expenses of the pink caravan, asking parkinsonauts only for the annual membership fee to the Association and a deposit to confirm their participation.


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