Parkinson, instructions for use. 1st Part

Interview with neurologist Enrico Alfonsi.

What is the cause? There are warning signs? And ‘crown? How is it treated? Sport is good? In this and many other questions were answered with great clarity and honesty neurologist, and also a friend, Enrico Alfonsi. Henry has a robust clinical and academic curriculum.

Specialist in Neurology, Head of ‘Electromyography and clinical disorders of the peripheral nervous system’ National Neurological Institute, IRCCS Foundation ‘Casimiro Mondino’ di Pavia, Lecturer at Postgraduate School in Neurology, Neurophysiology and degree of Neurophysiology Rehabilitation Therapists and Technicians Age Adolescents, University of Pavia.

We met him in his studio in Pontoglio, where he lives with his wife Anna Gozzini, physiatrist of the ‘Hospital of Chiari Mellini, and two daughters.

Thanks to Henry for this interview and his team for supporting the project Parkinson & Triathlon.

Here with collaborators Alessia and Mauro