Interview with Colin Alexander Reed Part 1^

I know that Mr. Parky sooner or later will create some problems. Meanwhile he taught me to see things in another way and let me met wonderful people, with an attitude to life and to others that i want to learn.Colin Alexander Reed is one of them, thanks to social networks, I met him on several occasions in recent months and with whom in the future –  as he says –  we will do great things.Alex is the founder, Director and Chairman of the ‘ European  Parkinson’s Therapy  Center  of Boario Terme’s Camonica Valley in the province of Brescia. A place where Parkinson’s patients have access to a unique and innovative protocol assistance, which is allowed and encouraged to participate with a family member.

Patients come in Valcamonica from all over the world to spend an intense week of therapy and training activities designed to improve their knowledge of the disease, and they do not leave with a new smile on the lips and without their testimony on a bulletin board that stands in the family reception.

In this  first  apart from Alex answers to 3 questions:




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