The Italian Committee for Parkinson and Parkinson & Sport Associations , in collaboration with Massimo Plebani’s MYM group and WellTV Channel, present:

World Parkinson Day – Parkinsonauts, movement to the cure.

With the patronage of: EPDA European Parkinson’s Disease Association, Fresco Parkinson Institute Italia Onlus Foundation, Parkinson Italia Onlus Confederation , Mondino Foundation National Neurological Institute IRCCS .

Sunday 11 April 2021 10 am – 1 pm and replicated at 9 pm-11pm, on channel 810 of satellite TV and the Sky bouquet throughout Europe

Live streaming on – Live on Facebook page of Parkinson Sport and on Youtube channel of Parkinson Sport

Simultaneous translation Ita-Eng-Ita . Leads in the studio: Francesca Mori

find out more here: World Parkinson Day

World Parkinson’s Day is celebrated around the world on  11 April  .  The Parkinson & Sport association   and the  Italian Committee of Parkinson’s Associations  join forces for  Movement to the Cure , an event designed to enrich  the international debate on Parkinson’s with  innovative visions and horizons . on the  tools to deal with it and on the possibilities of treatment. 

Not a webinar , not a zoom meeting , not a lectio magistralis , but a moment created and designed by us patients to be together having fun, to open a window on a different future , with finally new goals and hopes, moving towards care .

Two hours, from 10 to 12, which will keep you glued to the screen with a TV show direction . Following we will present the world premiere of the docufilm “YOU WILL NOT STOP US” emotions, stories and landscapes from the “Bike riding for parkinson Italy 2020” the bicycle trip, of the 10 Parkinsonauts , along Italy through the Via Francigena, from Pavia in Rome up to Piazza San Pietro by Pope Francis .

Sport and Communication

These are the two macro-themes  that will be the leitmotif in the two hours of live broadcast by: Francesca Mori and  Stefano Ghidotti,  founder and president of  Parkinson & Sport,  with simultaneous translation by   Manola Savoldi  – and enriched by the testimonies offered by the interventions of the guests in the studio and connected from the world.

Sport to overcome the limit

The  sports  and  physical activity  play an important role in  contrast to the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease  improves  body balance , the  flexibility and ease of movements,  but mainly bring obvious benefits to the mind,  increasing self-awareness  and their abilities, reducing stress and  stimulating a good mood.

At a scientific level , the benefits of sporting activity on psycho-physical well-being are now evident . Just as the sports activities offered to patients affected by juvenile Parkinson’s prove to be fundamental , to create sharing by stimulating them to come out , to tear them away from isolation and the risks of depression , for a diagnosis that tends to push them to feel already elderly.

We will talk about it with neurologists and researchers who we will have in connection: Prof. Antonio Pisani from Italy, Prof. Bastian Bloem from the Netherlands , Prof. Michael Okun from the United States , Dr. Giulio Deangeli from England.

Doing sports stimulates us to  measure ourselves with ourselves and with our limits.  For those who have to deal with Parkinson’s every day  , sport is a faithful ally to slow down the course of the disease . We will talk about it with doctors and sportsmen who will cross experiences and opinions in the first part of the broadcast, during which the projects that Parkison & Sport and the Italian Committee of Parkinson’s Associations have planned for the next two years will be presented.

Among the sporting guests we will have in connection: Colonel Carlo Calcagni , the lawyer Neil Mac Leod , the entrepreneur Carlo Pittis and in the studio the Parkinsonauts Carlo Negri and Daniele Bortoli.

Digital communication is an opportunity

This year, marked by the  drama of the pandemic , is teaching us to react, to find quick and easy ways to stay close. The period we are going through is getting people, even the less experienced, accustomed to the  use of telematic and online tools . What at first appeared, especially  for the elderly,  as a discomfort, an obstacle, a problem has now turned into the opportunity to communicate with extreme ease, in any place and at any time.

The second part of Movement to the cure will focus on these aspects, revealing the  potential of digital  and the possibilities it offers us  in the treatment  and  assistance  of Parkinson’s patients and their caregivers.

We will find out what are the projects in progress and the new proposals of the most important Italian and international associations, directly from the stories of their founders and managers that we will have in connection: from Italy Dr. Daniele Volpe, Avv. Paolo FrescoGiangi MilesiGiulio Maldacea and Ruud Overes from Holland.

The Alinker, to move at smile level.

From today until April 18 , the donations we will receive on this site will be used for the purchase of an Alinker that we will make available to a Parkinson’s patient who needs it. It will be a surprise that we will reveal to you and to him / her too, on Sunday 11 April.

The Alinker is the revolutionary walking bike to improve the quality of life of those with mobility difficulties and overcome prejudices about disability.

Alinker is a walking bike without pedals , a three-wheeled ” walking bike ” designed for all those who want to stay active, continue to have a social life , do what they love and live to their fullest, moving at smile level .

For information visit the website  and the social networks Facebook and Instagram @the_alinker_italia

We are working to prepare other fun surprises for a totally new and different “World Parkinson’s Day”.

We are waiting for you, make yourself comfortable, but not too much, as always be ready to move, because our motto is “YOU WILL NOT STOP!”


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